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Pizza Express “Delizia”

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Cooks perfect pizzas in just 5 minutes!

High speed pizza cooker with unique patented refractory stone base cooking surface that bakes perfect Italian style pizzas in just 5 minutes.


Unique refractory stone base cooking surface bakes the pizza base in the traditional Italian style while the top element ensures the pizza topping is crisp and ready to eat in 5 minutes.


Versatile, it also cooks all kinds of pizzas, fresh, frozen and can also be used to bake and reheat pitta breads, naan bread, pastries, brown off cheese dishes and cook other foods also.


Simple to operate- simply preheat Pizza Express, place pizza on the stone base, close the lid and set the heating control. Also has a 5minute timer buzzer.

31.6cm diameter stone, reaches temperatures of over 400 degrees C.


Economical to run- consumes only 1200watts per hour and bake the perfect pizza in just 5 minutes- no more soggy pizzas.

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